Forgotten Realms

The Horror in the village

The characters accepted a mission by Sir Anthon Triston to investigate the village Woodberry which had send a message of distress.When the characters arrived in the village small fight was taking place as some villagers with the young hunter Jim Fireson as their leader were trying to attack the village Fool blaming him for the misfortune of the village as he had a history of Doomsaying.The Tavern Keeper and the local Smith were protecting him.The disagreement ended when the villages Cleric intervened.

The players took no part in that fight but met the Mayor of the village who filled them in in the troubles they were having and also informed them of a strange individual who passed through the village just before their strike of bad luck begun.He seemed to think that this person was a vampire and that he had kidnaped his daughter.The players not certain about this individual agreed to travel to the nearby Mage tower in which this individual resides.

After investigating all the ways to reach the tower and stockpiling on weapons they decided to pass through the nearby graveyard.After fighting their way through it and reaching the towers they asked to speak with the Owner.He agreed if only they come in weaponless.Only the fighter had a disagreement and so he was left out of the tower with the 2 guards an Ettin and a Minotaur.Talking with the owner revealed that he was truly a vampire going by the name Count William but he refused any involvement in the recent troubles of the village as well as refusing the kidnaping of the Mayors Daughter saying she came voluntarily to become his apprentice something the daughter confirmed for herself.

Finally the vampire pyed the players to help him get rid of a monster that was locked in the basement even before he start living there.The players descended in the basement and followed a corridor for almost half a day.In the end the found and killed the monster which turned out to be a Gauth.In the Gauth room the found 3 doors 1 of them lead to a collapsed tunne, 1 of them to a chest which contained 4000 gold pieces and the 3 is still been investigated.



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